AW Annual Service Route – Servicing over 1,000 Dealers

Do you own a dynamometer from AW? Owning an AW Dynamometer means you can take advantage of our annual service route!

AW’s service team includes six qualified technicians that are authorized and trained to service AW Dynamometers. They travel year-round to dealerships nation-wide. No matter where your dealership is located in the U.S., our technicians will come to you!

While most of our service route dealerships are long-time repeat customers, we are adding new customers often – especially in Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa.

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Titan Machinery-Elbow Lake, MN

QUADTRAC 550 Case IH- 535 PTO Power


A Note on Authorized Technicians

The most important question you should ask a technician – “Are you authorized by AW to service my dynamometer?”

The ONLY technicians that carry certified AW Dynamometer parts are AW Technicians. We do not sell AW manufactured parts to other businesses. Ever.

Please be aware of this – we’ve encountered too many situations of dealerships misled by non-AW technicians who claim they sell AW Manufactured parts.

What Should I Expect from My AW Service?

We are proud of our quality service route! Here’s what you can expect from your service visit:

  • Pre-Inspection
    • We run the tractor on the dyno for 5-10 minutes with a pressure gauge on the backend of the rear cylinder block shaft. This determines the condition of the internal brake.
  • Check Internal Brake Oil Condition
    • Once pre-inspection is completed, we check the internal brake’s synthetic oil condition. If the oil is transparent and clear, the tech will flush the drums once and fill with new synthetic oil. If the brake drums synthetic oil has broken down due to overheating of the dyno, the tech will continue to flush the brake drums until the state of the oil is satisfactory.
  • Final Inspection
    • We fasten the top lid, hook the tractor on the dyno again and then turn on the water to check the seal on the top lid gasket. AW tech will inspect all other small parts replaced at this time.
  • Calibrate the Dyno’s Computer
  • Post-Inspection

What is a Certified Test Report?

In 2005, AW Dyno installed the NEW 2100s DynoPro on all Nebraska Series dynamometers. This computer system and ETS software allows technicians to retrieve and print dyno testing information. All AW Technicians can print a Certified AW Test Report for the Service Manager.

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