I-Series Engine Dynamometer

AW I-Series dynamometers are excellent for diesel engine testing as well as other applications. The electronic load control system on this hydraulic activated dynamometer allows for precise and steady control of Power and RPM levels. 


Standard Features

  • AW2100SXT DAQ Computer – Digital Display of Power, Torque & RPM, Real Time Dedicated Processor, Load Control Buttons, E Stop

  • DETSXT Load Control Software – Standard

  • TS Software – J1939 Optional

  • RPM Magnetic Pick Up/60 Tooth Sprocket

  • 5000 LB. Load Cell

  • Electronic Load Control System

  • Electronic Thermocouple Protection

  • Electronic Water Flow Switch Protection

  • Shear Pin Flange Torque Overload Protection

  • Bi-Directional Valve allows (CW) (CCW) Operation

  • Heavy Duty Hydraulic Activated Load Unit

  • Heavy Duty Bottom and Top Tanks

  • Fatigue Proof Steel Shafts

  • High Speed/High Torque Driveline/w Shield

  • Two design options:  Fix mount or wheel mount for shop mobility. Can also be mounted on a hydraulic scissor lift table to match various motor shaft heights.


Operating Requirments

Minimum Power Ratings

  • I-300E
    • 1800RPM - 25HP
    • 3600RPM - 75HP
  • I-600E
    • 1800RPM - 50HP
    • 3600RPM - 150HP
  • I-900E
    • 1800RPM - 100HP
    • 3600RPM - 300HP
  • I-1200E
    • 1800RPM - 150HP
    • 3600RPM - 600HP

Water Cooled

  • Continuous Testing - 8 GPM @ 70F per 100HP
  • Tests Under 30 Min - Resovoir Ballast Tanks Plus 8 GPM Sufficient

Electrical Requirements

  • 100V for AW2100SXT DAQ Computer


Rick Engquist Jr.

President/CEO - Engquist Tractor Service

We purchased the A&W dynamometer new in the early 1990’s. At that time we had a supply agreement with Deere & Company engine works division in Waterloo, Iowa.  In addition to our normal production of all makes we were building and performance testing the Deere eight cylinder 955 CID engine. We have consistently remanufactured over 350 engines annually since purchasing the A&W I-600. It has performed above expectations and when service and maintenance were required the staff at A&W were at the ready to resolve any of our needs quickly. We have recommended this dyno to several of our friends in the engine rebuilding business and they have purchased  A&W dynamometers and are still our friends.