NC State University Picks AW Dyno


The AW Dyno College Program has provided high schools, technical centers, colleges, and universities with the most dependable and Hi-Tech PTO dynamometers available in today’s agricultural market.

What is the AW Dyno College Program?

In the fast-paced world of agricultural mechanization, students use AW dynamometers to educate themselves on diesel engine systems, powertrains, hydraulics, machine set up and adjustments, electronics, tractor ECU setups, emissions, and more.

Many universities provide hands-on labs outfitted with AW dynamometers so students can gain hands-on experience, preparing them to excel in their future agricultural service careers.

We’re excited to announce NC State University as our newest member!

Among some of the programs that have become part of the AW family in the past 5 years are:

The NC State Wolfpacks Join the AW Dyno Family

Case IH Farmall 90C- 73 Power @ 540 Rpm

A New Dyno for NC State’s Teaching Purposes

NC State Instructor is applying load to the tractor via the touchscreen control on the 2100s DynoPro Computer.

All X.Series Dynos are equipped with Electronic Valve control which is regulated by the 2100s DynoPro computer.

The end-user simply turns the power switch from off to on and can begin to apply load to the tractor by a touch of a key.

ETS/ETS-XT Software

AW’s # 1 selling accessory is the ETS/ETS-XT software that allows the students to take all of the dyno test’s data points and design their own Power/Torque curves. This data allows the students to visualize when the power drops off and how the torque continues to increase (Torque Rise).

ETS/ETS-XT sub pages consists of 3 graphs to visualize. Power, Torque, and Torque Rise. The graph above is Power graph.




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