AW’s AG.2X Finds Niche with Small Compact Tractor Dealers

Small compact tractor dealers see the benefits of our AG .2X PTO Dynamometer to increase their aftermarket service offerings as well as identify new tractor deficiencies.

MAGNUM POWER- LAWSON, MO (Mahindra 8100- 82 Power @ 540 Rpm)

In September, AW visited Magnum Power, a Mahindra and Kioti dealer in Lawson, MO.

Jeff Terrill, Owner/Operator of Magnum Power recently purchased the AG.2X PTO Dyno to improve his aftermarket service. He knew there was a significant need to dyno both new tractors on PDIs as well as maintenance/service on all incoming tractors.

The AG.2X Dyno gives Magnum Power the ability to eliminate factory defects on new tractors and improve their quality of service work. Both new abilities have created a better customer experience—in turn creating happier customers.

How the AG.2x PTO Dyno Electronic Load Control Works

This dyno is the easiest to operate on the market.

  1. Apply load to the dyno via the electronic touchscreen on the 2100sXT  DynoPro Computer.
  2. Simply turn on the power button and push the up and down arrow keys.
  3. That’s it! Set up time for a dyno test takes less than 2 minutes.

Quality and efficiency are the reasons AG.X Series is the # 1 selling PTO Dyno in the World !!!!


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