AG.2X Series

The AG.2X is the # 1 choice for Agricultural dealerships that service small Row Crop & Utility tractors. 

The all NEW AG.2X features the high tech 2100sXT DynoPro Computer System with Electronic Touch Screen Control, Temperature Watchdog Relay, and Emergency Water Flow shut down protection. Kubota’s # 1 Preferred Supplier since 2014. For AW & Kubota Dyno Program Info - contact Chris at


2100SXT DynoPro Computer

2100SXT DynoPro Computer

Testing screen enclosure
Testing screen

The 2100sXT DynoPro is AW’s NEW data and acquisition control system that contains a real-time dedicated high-speed processor. The 2100sXT screen displays Power, Torque, Torque Rise, Rpm, % Load Control availability, Dyno Temperature, and a precise Rpm generated hour meter. It’s Touch Screen Control allows the operator to apply or decrease the dyno load to the tractor by the use of pressing the up and down arrow keys. AW’s 2100sXT also features an Emergency E-Stop button to provide maximum safety at any time. Another unique feature of the 2100sXT is its Management Control Software. This software design allows the dealerships to view exceeded pre-set factory threshold limitations on the dyno and control the preventative maintenance of the X.Series Dynamometers. In order to capture real-time data to send to the dealerships OEM for warranty claims, or just simply save a dyno test for future customer reference, the 2100sXT allows the end-user to connect their laptop with AW’s ETS Software via USB connection located on the front face of the computer. Another advanced option is the ability to control the X.Series Dynamometer from the cab of the tractor by using ETS-XT which is an upgrade from the standard ETS.


Electronic Control

AW Electronic Control Via Touchscreen


In 2017, AW’s PTO Dynamometers were equipped with the NEW E-Valve Technology. This advanced technology allows the operators to use the Touch Screen on the 2100sXT to apply or decrease load to the tractor by the use of pressing the up and down arrow keys. The control and transition of pressure to the internal brake via electronic control is consistent and dynamic. AW’s 2100sXT also features an Emergency E-Stop to provide maximum safety at any moment.


ETS Software

ETS Software

ETS Software downloads onto the end user’s laptop which in return plugs into the 2100sXT Computer via USB or Ethernet cable. It gives the technician the ability to print out detailed Test Reports to give directly to the customer during routine service inspections and or send the information to the dealer’s OEM for warranty claims. The software displays Hp, Torque, Rpm, Torque Rise, Percentage Load, and Dyno Temp in easy to read graphs and data sets. The # 1 feature is its Nebraska PTO Test Library, which contains numerous amounts of different OEM tractor test data. Tractor Specs can manually be added at any time to the user’s library. ETS also contains a job history or database in which every test performed will be collected in excel format and stored to be viewed or retrieved at a later time.

ETS XT Software

ETS XT Software

ETS-XT is a more advanced version of ETS which allows the user to control the dynamometer load via remote location such as the cab of a tractor or even the service manager’s desk. The operating screen allows you to increase or decrease the load of the dynamometer by a click of the mouse on the up and down arrow keys. The operating screen also gives you the ability to do an emergency shutdown with the E-stop button. ETS-XT Software also comes with all the features found in the ETS Software.


Critical Safeguard Protection

Critical Safeguard Protection


Temperature Watchdog Relay

This NEW High Tech feature replaces the old manual fuse (PIC ABOVE that is Circled) that would release when the dyno temp would exceed ranges of 160-180 Deg. The problem with the old manual fuse design is that it allowed for the synthetic oil inside the brake drum to begin to break down once it reached those high temperatures which then forces the end-user to flush the oil out of the drums. Temperature Watchdog is a program within the 2100sXT DynoPro Computer that releases the pressure to the brake once the dyno temperature exceeds 140 Degrees. By doing so it does not allow for the synthetic oil to break down and increases the longevity of the internal brake drum.

H2O Flow Switch

Water Flow Sensor

The second and most critical safeguard feature on the NEW X. Series Dynamometers is the WFS (Water Flow Sensor). This sensor is installed on the water outlet and senses how many Gpm is flowing out of the discharge. Once the flow of the water goes below the manufactured setting it sends a signal to the 2100sXT to drop the pressure to the internal brake thus saving the load unit from internal damage. The three most common reasons for lack of water to the dyno are 1. The tech forgot to turn on the water 2. The pump on the well stopped running 3. The tech backed over the outlet hose with the tractors tire.


Max Power

250 Hp @ 1000 RPM

187 Kw @ 1000 RPM

Min Power

10 Hp @ 540 Rpm

7 Kw @ 540 Rpm

Max Torque

1500 Ft.Lbs @ 1000 Rpm

2035 Nm @ 1000 Rpm

Max Operating RPM

3000 Rpm (Reccommend High Speed Driveline for >1500 Rpm)

Standard Instrumentation

AW2100SXT DynoPro Computer System

5000 lb Strain Gauge

RPM Magnetic Tach

24V Power Supply

Electronic Load Control

Electronic Thermocouple Protection

Water Flow Switch Protection

Shear Pin Flange Protection

Standard Accessories

Rear Half PTO Shaft

Aluminum Brake Blocks

Front Caster Wheel w/ Up and Down Adjustment Bar

24 Volt Power Supply

Electrical Requirements

120 Volt 15 Amp Outlet

Weight and Dimensions

Dimensions - 69L X 53W X 61T

Weight - 1800lbs


Computer & Software
Emergency Stop
Ease of Operation



Keith Zajicek

Midwest Machinery Co. (John Deere)

My name is Keith, I am the service manager from MMC John Deere at the Glencoe Mn location.  We currently have a NEB 800 dyno, (our company as a whole purchased several dyno's from AW).  The machines have all worked flawlessly, they do not let us down and give us very accurate readings. We are very happy with the product.  The real advantage of our dyno is the company behind the product, Del and his employee's deliver top rated service.   A machine can be the best, but if the service is questionable, the end result may not be well received.  I would very much recommend this company. 



Western Equipment

My name is Christian, I help support all of Western Equipment’s 21 service departments.  I think everyone in the service industry knows that quality & convenience (or “ease of business”) are the 2 cornerstones.  AW brings both of these to the table, so we do all of our dyno business with them.  They provide top-of-the-line products & have the service to back them up.  Another difference maker is simply their reaction time to our needs.  We get answers/solutions almost always the same day that we ask; they may not be able to be at our store that day, but we get a plan together & can move on to other things.  Would highly recommend partnering with AW.


Optional Accesories/Upgrades


Extended Rear Half PTO Shaft (For through the wall operation)

Stationary Mount Kit

Accessible Back ½ AG Shield

Bi-Directional Valve (For testing in the opposite direction when running choppers or irrigational units)

High-Speed Driveline with AG Protection Shield (When dyno testing above 1500 Rpm’s)

High Torque Driveline Series

Electronic Water Flow Switch

Electronic Temperature Upgrade

CE Approved Plastic Guards

Electronic Fuse Assembly (Can be installed on all Nebraska Series Dynamometers)