Water Brake Series Dynamometer

The Water Brake (WB) Series Dynamometers are designed with aggressive rotor fin technology that allows for higher torque without the need for multiple rotors. The 0-4000 RPM range and high torque capacity make this dynamometer series an excellent choice for testing a wide range of motors from low RPM DC motors to 2 pole AC motors.

Major OEMs and repair centers have selected and used the WB Series Dynamometers for over twenty years. Field-tested and proven, the WB Series Dynamometer is a heavy-duty reliable dynamometer.


Standard Features

  • AW2100SXT DAQ Computer -Digital Display of Power, Torque & RPM, Real Time Dedicated Processor, Load Control Buttons , E Stop

  • MTSXT Load Control Software

  • Servo Load Control System

  • RPM Magnetic Pick Up/ 60 Tooth Sprocket

  • 10000 LB Load Cell

  • Fatigue Proof Steel Shaft & Bearing Housings

  • Heavy Duty Timken Bearings

  • ISO Magnetic Seals

  • Constant level oilers for bearings

  • 1”  Steel Baseplate