ECB Series Dynamometer

ECB Series Electric Motor Dynamometers allow for ease of testing as they offer the advantage of dissipating heat via air-cooled fin technology.

Simple and easy to set up, these dynos are a turnkey system with a power panel, dynamometer, drive coupling, AW2100SXT Computer, and MTSXT Software.

AW models offer a power range as low as .25 HP to 400 HP (300KW)


Standard Features

  • AW2100SXT DAQ Computer – Digital Display of Power, Torque & RPM, Real Time Dedicated Processor, Load Control Buttons, E Stop

  • MTSXT Load Control Software

  • RPM Magnetic Pick Up/60 Tooth Sprocket

  • 100-5000 LB. Load Cell

  • Heavy Duty Air Cooled Eddy Current Brake

  • Power Panel with DC drive, inline fuses, 208V single phase

  • Sure Flex Driveline Coupling

  • Driveline Shield

  • Heavy Duty 1” Steel Frame