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AG .2X 300HP

The AG.2X is the # 1 choice for Agricultural dealerships that service small Row Crop & Utility tractors. 

AG .3X 600HP

AG.3X is the #1 choice of Agricultural dealerships servicing tractors 20-600 Horsepower. 

AG .4X 900HP

AG.4X is the #1 choice of Agricultural dealerships servicing tractors 20-900 Horsepower. 

World Leader in AG/PTO Dynos

AW is the world leader in AG/PTO dynamometers with over 14,000 units sold.  AW's hydraulic activated load unit is water cooled allowing it to test high torque loads for continuous periods of time.  AW's heavy duty load units are well known to last for decades.  Combine this with all new computerized electronic load control, software, thermocouples, sensors and you have a system second to none - the AG.X Series. 

What they're saying


Keith Zajicek

Service Manager - Midwest Machinery Co. (John Deere)

My name is Keith, I am the service manager from MMC John Deere at the Glencoe Mn location.  We currently have a NEB 800 dyno, (our company as a whole purchased several dyno's from AW).  The machines have all worked flawlessly, they do not let us down and give us very accurate readings. We are very happy with the product.  The real advantage of our dyno is the company behind the product, Del and his employee's deliver top rated service.   A machine can be the best, but if the service is questionable, the end result may not be well received.  I would very much recommend this company. 

Rick Engquist Jr.

President/CEO - Engquist Tractor Service

We purchased the A&W dynamometer new in the early 1990’s. At that time we had a supply agreement with Deere & Company engine works division in Waterloo, Iowa.  In addition to our normal production of all makes we were building and performance testing the Deere eight cylinder 955 CID engine. We have consistently remanufactured over 350 engines annually since purchasing the A&W I-600. It has performed above expectations and when service and maintenance were required the staff at A&W were at the ready to resolve any of our needs quickly. We have recommended this dyno to several of our friends in the engine rebuilding business and they have purchased  A&W dynamometers and are still our friends.