Water Brake Series Dynamometer

AW WB Series Dynamometers are designed with aggressive rotor fin technology that allows for higher torque without the need for multiple rotors. The inertia of the dynamometer stays well below the inertia of the engine being load tested. The high torque capacity at low rpm makes this an excellent diesel engine dynamometer. 

AW WB Series Dynamometers are heavy-duty units using only the best components.


Standard Features

  • AW2100SXT DAQ Computer -Digital Display of Power, Torque & RPM, Real Time Dedicated Processor, Load Control Buttons , E Stop

  • DETSXT Load Control Software – Standard

  • TS Software – J1939 Optional

  • Servo Load Control System

  • RPM Magnetic Pick Up/ 60 Tooth Sprocket

  • 10000 LB Load Cell

  • Fatigue Proof Steel Shaft & Bearing Housings

  • Heavy Duty Timken Bearings

  • ISO Magnetic Seals

  • Constant level oilers for bearings

  • 1”  Steel Baseplate

Operating Requirements

Minimum Power

  • 100 HP @ 1800 RPM
  • 150 HP @ 3600 RPM

Water Requirements

  • 2-inch incoming line
  • Maximum Pump Requirement - 300 GPM @ 70 PSI

Electrical Requirements

  • 110V for AW2100SXT DAQ Computer
  • 110V for Servo




Water Brake Startup