High-quality Service & Custom Solutions for AW Dyno Clients

Recently, we visited western Texas and Ohio to provide free on-site training for two major John Deere dealers – Western Equipment and Kenn-Feld Group. This was Western Equipment’s seventh purchase of our AG.3X PTO Dynamometer and Kenn-Feld’s fifth purchase of our AG.4X PTO Dynamometer.

John Deere tractor hooked to an AW Dynamometer
Western Equipment, Spearman, TX – John Deere 8360R- 305 Power @ 1000 Rpm

Advanced Technology for Easier Operation

One of the many great features our PTO Dynos offer is advanced software for easy load control.  Our ETS-XT software is our more advanced version of the original AW ETS software. This advanced software allows the user to control the dynamometer load via a remote location such as the cab of a tractor or even the Service Manager’s desk.

From the operating screen, you can increase or decrease the dynamometer’s load by a simple click of your mouse or tap on your screen/tablet. In addition, you can perform an emergency shutdown with the E-Stop button via the operation screen if needed. Learn more about our ETS-XT Software

Man holding a tablet in front of an AW Dyno computer, controlling the dynamometer from his tablet.
AW’s 2100sXT DynoPro Handheld Tablet with ETS-XT Software

Adjusting our Dyno’s to Honor Special Client Requests

At AW Dyno, we go the extra distance for our clients. We listen to the individual needs of your dealership and do whatever we can to provide the best dynamometer setup for you.

Kenn-Feld Group had a particularly interesting situation – their drainage location at the dealership was in a tricky location and our typical plumbing setup for AG.4X PTO wasn’t ideal.

Our technicians understood what the client needed and redesigned the standard plumbing, so the water flowed to their optimal drainage location. Our willingness and ability to make custom adjustments to our dyno’s separate us from our competitors.

Three men running a tractor on an AW Dynamometer AG PTO Dynamometer
Kenn-Feld Group – Van Wert, OH

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