Kubota’s 2020 Connect Expo

AW Dyno participated in its 6th annual KUBOTA CONNECT EXPO as KUBOTA’s preferred OEM supplier for Ag PTO Dynamometers.

This year, the KUBOTA CONNECT EXPO was performed virtually. Even though the show was virtual, there was a significant increase in dealer participation.

Double the Sales

This year, we received double the dyno orders as seen in 2019 and Kubota extended certain financing options for their dealers through November. For special financing options through the AW/Kubota Dyno Program please contact Chris Robinson at 800.447.2511 or chris@awdyno.com.

AG.X Series Dynamometers

We displayed our AG.X Series Dynamometers at the Connect Expo. This line of AG/PTO dynamometers is the most technologically advanced AG/PTO dynamometers on the market. Since the program started in 2014, we’ve sold over 280 dynos to Kubota dealers in both Canada and the US.

We offer three AG/PTO Dyno sizes to fit all ranges of Utility, Row Crop, and Four Wheel Drive Tractors.

  • AG .2X Series: Up to 300HP, it’s the best choice for dealerships that service small row crop & utility tractors.
  • AG .3X Series: Up to 600HP is great for dealerships servicing tractors 300-600 HP.
  • AG .4X Series: Our largest Ag/PTO dynamometer for dealerships servicing engines up to 900HP.

AW looks forward to another successful year with Kubota Dealers worldwide.

Get A Quote

Are you interested in more information about the AG.X Series for your dealership? It’s easy to get started – complete our contact form and receive your quote ASAP. Kubota offers special financing through the AW/Kubota Dyno program and Kubota dealers can use their Kubota points toward the purchase of their AW dynamometer.

This program is valid year-round and includes onsite training at the dealerships from a qualified AW factory rep. – get your quote today.