AW’s NEW AG.4X Series PTO Dynamometer “Huge Success in Iowa”

Dealerships across the United States are investing in our NEW AG.4X Series PTO Dynamometer.

In December, AW attended the 2019 CNH EXPO as the preferred dynamometer supplier. Many red and blue dealers purchased X.Series Dynamometers after witnessing the exciting features the AG.4X offers their dealerships.

#1 Feature Everyone is Talking About…

We recently completed training at 18 different dealership locations in Iowa. Educating and displaying the X.Series new advanced features and technology. The feedback from these trainings was tremendous.

While the X.Series has many great features, the #1 feature everyone commented about was the no maintenance internal brake for 10 years (saving dealerships between $600 – $800/year!). In addition, it includes two safeguards that prevent damaging the internal brake, making this a “no brainer” purchase for any dealership.

Many Thanks…

We’d like to thank the following loyal dealerships for their newly purchased AG.4X Dynamometers:

The New .4X AG Dynamometers in Action:

Manson Red Power – Manson, IA

Titan Machinery – Kingsley, IA


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