Training on the East Coast – Big Success

Recently, AW Dyno Technicians returned from a 10 day trip to the East Coast to perform onsite training for several AW clients. Training mainly covered the NEW AG.4X PTO Dyno, a direct flywheel dyno test, and many services on older style Nebraska series dynos.

Hoober Inc.

Our first stop was a Hoober, Inc dealership. Our Technician Charlie performed training for their AG.4X Tractor PTO Dyno.

CASE IH 250 AFS Connect MAGNUM – 205 Power @ 1000 Rpm


Hoober Technicians using the touchscreen control on the 2100sXT DynoPro Computer.

Electronic Valve and Touchscreen Control

Two popular features of the AG.4X PTO Dyno is the Electronic Valve and Touchscreen Control.  AW Dyno AG.4X is the only PTO Dyno in the U.S. market that uses this innovative technology and has the capability to control the dyno in the cab of the tractor via ETS-XT.

Hoober Inc. – Middletown, DE
International Farmall 966-95 Power @ 540 Rpm

Load Control Options

The AG.4X PTO Dynamometer allows Technicians two options for controlling the load.

  • Option 1: You can use the 2100s DynoPro computer’s touchscreen arrow keys to control the load to the dyno.
  • Option 2: Utilizing the arrow keys on the laptop with the ETS-XT software.
Hoober Technician applying load to the tractor while retrieving test data on the ETS-XT software.

Keystone Tractor

We also visited Keystone Tractor in Gap, PA for training.

Case MX 135 – 110 Power @ 540 Rpm


Charlie and Keystone Technicians pulled the Case MX 135 to rated to check for power issues and hydraulic leaks.

Two Testing Options with AG.4X Dyno

The training at Keystone was an excellent opportunity for our Technician, Charlie, to test the AG.4X in PTO direction, but he was able to set up the AG.4X to run in the opposite direction with a stand-alone diesel engine.

Our AG.4X Dynamometer is the only dynamometer on the market equipped to run two different tests:

  1. Test tractors in PTO direction
  2. Go in the opposite and test stand-alone diesel engines at higher Rpm’s (see pic below)
AW’s AG.4X testing a 375 Power Diesel Engine.

Testing Diesel Engines

In order to test this way, you need a bi-directional valve and AW’s high-speed driveline assembly kit. This kit allows the PTO shafts to run up to 3000 Rpm and be balanced – while the normal PTO shafts with the 55 series driveline kit are only set to run up to 1500 Rpm and are not balanced.

Thank YOU!

A big thank you to all of our loyal clients on the East Coast. We enjoyed our time with you and look forward to many years serving your dealerships.

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