AG.X Series Dynamometers Training for KC Nielsen and Tractor Central

The new AG.X Series PTO Dynamometers are keeping us busy with multiple training sessions. Our clients are excited for training sessions and their new AG.X Series Dynos. Most recently, we visited both KC Nielsen in Iowa and Tractor Central in Wisconsin.

KC Nielsen in Manson, IA –  Dyno Training Session

We traveled onsite to KC Nielsen, to train their technicians on the new AG.4X AG PTO Dynamometer.

Each dealership has unique preferences or needs depending on their location’s space and layout.

This specific dealership installation required through the wall operation. Once installed, we trained their techs on the many features of the AG.4X  PTO Dynamometer.

Remote Load Control

One of the key features of this dyno is remote load control. This feature allows you to control the load from a remote location such as the cab of a tractor. After completing training, the tech was able to control the AG.4X PTO Dyno in the cab of the John Deere-8345R (285 Hp) with his field service laptop and ETS-XT to increase and decrease the load.

In addition, KC Nielsen techs also have the option to run the dyno by using the up and down arrow keys on the face of the 2100sXT DynoPro Computer.

AW Rep Mike Folkers was on site performing the training as well as servicing six other previously purchased AW dynamometers at other KC Nielsen stores. Thank you for your continued loyalty, Bruce and Tyler!

John Deere 8345R- 285 Power @ 1000 Rpm

Tractor Central in Cameron, WI –  Dyno Training Session

Tractor Central recently purchased an all-new AG.3X AG PTO Dynamometer. We traveled to their location in Cameron, WI to train their techs on how to use the new dynamometer.

Their old dynamometer was a model 375 with a non-cradled two drum unit that used analog instrumentation and manual control valves. It was time for a new dynamometer! The new AW Dyno AG.3X Dynamometer is all-electric control and requires minimal setup time with no maintenance on the load unit for 10 years.

Greg Myers (AW Service Manager) was performing the training.

We appreciate your business, Josh!

John Deere 8345R- 285 Power @ 1000 Rpm


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