New X.Series Gains Popularity in the Midwest

Exclusive high-tech features found only on our new X.Series Ag/PTO dynamometers has made this line of dynamometers a must-have purchase for many dealerships throughout the United States, and most recently throughout the Midwest.

Two well-known dealerships, Titan Machinery and Grossenburg Implement recently purchased the new AG. 4X PTO Dynamometer. These dealerships are beyond satisfied with their new dynamometers! Running tests with this new line of dynamometers are more technologically advanced than ever before – making testing easier to perform.

Titan Machinery – Platte, SD

News of the X.Series PTO Dynamometers from AW Dynamometer has spread quickly among Titan Machinery stores. Since its release, 10 Titan dealerships have purchased a new X.Series dynamometer in 2020.

Case CVT 200 PUMA- 170 Power @ 1000 Rpm

Industry-leading features

The X.Series dynamometers offer many features you can’t find anywhere else in the U.S. – such as no maintenance for 10 years, electronic valve and touchscreen control, and has the capability to control the dyno in the cab of the tractor via ETS-XT.

In addition, the X.Series dynos are balanced with low runout which performs with no vibration and its instrumentation is impeccable plus efficient and dependable.

These exclusive to AW features, along with our great customer service, makes the X.Series Dynamometer the #1 dyno in the Ag market for Titan Machinery.

Titan Machinery techs using the touchscreen control on the 2100sXT DynoPro Computer.

Thanks to Jordan for your business and loyalty to AW Dyno!!!

Grossenburg Implement- Pierre, SD

At Grossenburg, we installed the dynamometer “through the wall” which allows their techs the ability to control the dyno from the cab of the tractor via ETS-XT on their field service laptops.

JD 9520R 520 Engine Hp- 335 Power @ 1000 Rpm


Through the wall installation


The AG.4X on the inside of the building with the shaft going through the wall to make a connection with the PTO on the 9520R Tractor.

The AG.4X control cabinet allows for the JD techs to keep their field service laptops inside and visualize both the 2100sXT DynoPro and the ETS while running the test.

Grossenburg tech applying load to the tractor while retrieving test data on the ETS-XT software.

You have two options for applying load to the tractor:

  1. Using the 2100s DynoPro Computer’s touchscreen arrow keys to control the load to the dyno.
  2. Utilizing the arrow keys on the laptop with the ETS-XT software.

Many Thanks to Jason, Barry, and Thad for your loyal support and much-appreciated business. Look forward to the next training site at Grossenburg Implement.

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