Highlighted in Farm Equipment Magazine: Introducing AW Dynamometer’s Virtual Tractor Implement Tester

Article excerpt as seen in Farm Equipment magazine

AW Dynamometer, Inc. is in its 67th year of manufacturing high-quality and accurate dynamometers. It is the worldwide leader in AG/PTO dynos with over 15,000 units sold. The AG.X Series Dyno specifically with its 10- year no service program has been a huge success selling over 800 units.

AW is constantly innovating and has recently brought its customers the latest technology in dynos. The company received a new United States patent for a water distribution system that provides direct cooling to the front and rear of the rotor, increasing cooling efficiency by 50%. This technology combined with AW’s recently developed and patented electronic load control system and internal software is incomparable to anything on the market. AW is scheduled to launch additional technology upgrades later this year.

As a veteran owned company run by the Robinson Family (third generation), AW believes in giving to those in need and the community. AW has donated over $250,000 throughout the past 20 years to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to assist those who are tirelessly working on a cure for cancer in children. AW has also donated over $50,000 to Shriners Children’s Hospital and applauds those who are helping children with physical disabilities. The company remains furthermore committed to supporting local junior sports programs and other community functions. It believes in the duty to help the U.S. become a better place to live.

“AW’s technicians are on-call five days a week to answer customer questions and provide solutions. We know we owe everything to you – our customer. Thank you for being a valued AW customer.”
– Del Robinson, CEO/President

Virtual Tractor Implement Tester

AW Dynamometer has released a new product, the Virtual Tractor Implement Tester (VT). The VT replicates the rear of the largest tractor by having a powerful PTO shaft with over 275 Ft. Lbs. of torque, an ISOBUS 11783-2 9 Pin Connector, an SAE J560 – 7 Pin Light Connector and 6 Sets of Hydraulic Couplers. The VT will run your baler, combine and other implements while unfolding the largest planter. All of these systems are controlled by an HMI Touch Screen Tablet known as “The Commander’’. Wi-Fi enables the technician to use The Commander to remotely control all operating systems.

AW Dynamometer, Inc. operates out of Pontiac, Ill. and produces quality Made in America products.