Ohio State University Selects AW Dyno’s PTO Dynamometer

Ohio State University Department of Agriculture has chosen AW Dynamometer’s PTO Dynamometer for its testing and training needs.

The AG.4x Series PTO Dynamometer is the most advanced Agricultural Dynamometer on the market today. Capable of 900 HP, it’s ideal for testing large equipment like row crop and utility tractors.

AG.4x Series PTO Dynamometer Features:

  • Electronic load control system
  • Electronic thermocouple protection
  • Electronic water flow switch

Load Control Options

Load control via push buttons or remote load control via software are both available via the AW2100SXT computer system. The AW2100SXT is AW’s newest data acquisition and control system. Data collected from the dynamometer is processed using a real-time dedicated processor. The display screen shows RPM, Torque, Power, dynamometer temperature and % of dynamometer load (click here to learn more).

Load control via push buttons is accomplished by easy to use push buttons on the AW2100SXT data acquisition computer. Remote load control via software is available by installing ETSXT software on your laptop/computer and interfacing via Ethernet to the AW2100SXT. This allows you to control the load by the click of a mouse.

#1 Ag PTO Dynamometer in the World

AW Dynamometer has been manufacturing dynamometers since 1957. 100% of AW Dyno parts are manufactured in-house for quality assurance. The AG.4x Series PTO Dyno has over a thousand load settings available, it provides smooth and precise operation, and has no bulky manual load valves. (Learn more about the AG.4x Series PTO Dyno)

Go Buckeyes!

Thank you to Ohio State University Department of Agriculture for your business. We know you will love your dyno for many many years.

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