I Series Engine Dynamometer

AW  I-Series Dynamometers excel at providing high torque loads at low RPM ranges, making this series of dynamometers an excellent choice for diesel engine testing as well as other applications.  The I-Series  load unit consists of a heavy duty hydraulic activated prony brake.  The design of the load unit enables the user to maintain constant torque loads and RPM settings with very little flucuation.  AW  has four models to choose from :  I-300   I-600   I-900   I-1200

I- Series  Dynamometers come in four different models all using the same basic design - a hydraulic activated prony brake.

A single load unit is capable of 1100 Ft. Lbs. (1500NM) torque  - 300HP (225KW) -  RPM Range 0-3600

An I-300 has one load unit  - I-600 two load units - I-900 three load units - I-1200 four load units

Dynamometer is water cooled requiring 8GPM per 100HP @70F inlet temperature for constant testing - smaller flow rates are allowable for tests of shorter duration as a result of heavy duty bottom and top water tank providing cooling capacity

Standard Features -  Thermal Fuse Protection

                                  Shear Pin Flange - Torque Overload Protection

                                  Bi-Directional Valve - Allows operation (CW)  (CCW)

                                  Driveline Shield

                                  Manual Load Valve

                                  AW2100S DAQ Computer System

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I-Series Power Specifications



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Heavy Duty Engine Stand



~Power & Torque Charts~

  I-300          I-600        I-900        I-1200



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