Dealership Trades in DT 843 for AW Dyno’s AG.4X PTO Dyno

Recently, a dealership traded in their DT 843 with only 12 operating hours for AW Dyno’s superior AG .4X PTO Dyno.

Dealer trades in DT 843 dyno for AW Dyno AG .4X dyno

New E-Valve Technology

This technology allows you to control the dyno from the 2100sXT DynoPro Touchscreen or using ETS XT Software. You are free to operate the dyno however it’s most productive for you!


2100sXT DynoPro Touchscreen – simply press the arrow keys to apply load.


ETS XT Software – This software allows you to control the dyno from a remote location, such as the cab of your tractor or wherever you choose.

New Holland Tech operates the dyno from the cab of his tractor
Case Tech running the dyno from his laptop next to the 2100sXT DynoPro Computer

With AW Dyno AG PTO Dynamometers you get:

  • Advanced technology
  • Maintenance-free dynamometers
  • Simplicity
  • Reliability
  • Outstanding customer service

AW Dyno Demonstrations

AW Dyno is now demonstrating the NEW AG.4X HI-TECH capabilities side by side with the DT 843 at your dealership.

If you are interested in setting up a time for the demo please contact Chris Robinson at AW Dyno 800.447.2511 or